Parks Near Clarksville

June 15th, 2019 by

When the weather is nice you want to go out and enjoy it, but where are you going to go? Southern Indiana has a lot of parks with a variety of atmosphere. Here are some parks where you might enjoy spending a nice afternoon.

Lapping park is nice because of the diversity. There is a basketball court walking trails and even a golf course. There are lots of trees that not only provide shade, but also make for some nice pictures. It’s conveniently located in Clarksville behind Target.

Deam Lake is not just for fishing, but you can do that. It has a lot of trails and forest to walk as well as a designated swimming area. There are several picnic areas and five shelter houses. If you want to stay for the whole weekend camping sites available. They even have rowboat rentals, a forest education center, and many volunteer opportunities. It’s only 22 minutes from Clarksville.

Buffalo Trace Park has more then just a lake. No matter what kind of camping they have you covered, including primitive, modern, and even RV. If you like to play sports you can do that too. With basketball courts, tennis courts, a volleyball pit, and even disc golf you will find something to keep you active. If you just want to enjoy a trail you can walk some of their easy trails or even ride a bike. It is a bit of a drive, but 32 minutes isn’t bad for an all day adventure.

Locations to all the parks are listed below. Let us know which park is your favorite.


Lapping Park

2404 Greentree N, Clarksville, IN 47129


Deam Lake

Deam Lake, Carr Township, IN 47106


Buffalo Trace Park

1540 US-150, Palmyra, IN 47164

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