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  • 02/28/2015
    We would like to thank the staff at the KIA store of Clarksville, IN. Our salesman Angel Sanchez was very helpful and informative in making our trip successful. We want to thank him and also Michael Vazquez for all the help that received before and after the purchase was made.We felt very welcomed and comfortable in dealing with the KIA store. we also did not feel like there was any pressure to make the purchase like other dealerships have in the past. Thank You KIA of Clarksville Mike and Valerie Valerie Perry Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/28/2015
    Just bought my second Soul from the Kia store in Clarksville today. I have been servicing my last Soul there since I bought it in 2010 and I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff and the salespeople. Buying a car with them is never a hassle, and I haven't ever felt like I've been getting the run around. They're honest, nice, and easy to deal with. Amazing experience today with John Flispart, Michael Vazquez, and Jessica Gray! Thank for another great car! I'll be back and will be recommending the Clarksville Kia Store to anyone I know in the market for a new vehicle. Sarah M Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/10/2015
    John Flispart and Sydney were the BEST! This is the third Sedona purchased at KIA.The first with Donna A. being the best to help obtain a van during a hard time in our family's life.We met with John on a Saturday afternoon, looked at the 2015 Sedona and told him we wanted to check out the Chrysler Town and Country which we did. After the test drive at Chrysler the family took a vote. Hands down for KIA Sedona! I texted John on Monday and by Wednesday evening we were in our new 2015 Sedona SX! Awesome. What a great Dealer and what a Great Team! John, Donna and Sydney. James Donnelly Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/09/2015
    Very pleased with sevices, sales person and car !!! Traci Smith Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/05/2015
    For the last few months I had been looking around for a car, our family car had died and we had a relatives "extra", which wasn't the greatest but it ran. A friend of mine had told me about Kia in Clarksville, IN, that she went there for all her cars and recommended them highly. I did some online searching and ended up communicating through a lot of texting about what my options would be. Options for me were very limited since I had always purchased cars with cash, and had never had a car loan in my life. When I arrived at Kia, I was immediately greeted by the gentleman who I had spoken with on the phone. I was looking for Donna, who I had been recommended to, but she was not there yet, so Jacob started to take care of me. From the beginning Jacob was very understanding, since I had really absolutely no clue about the whole process of buying a car from a dealership. It was such a long day with all that we had to get done, but the entire staff at Kia were friendly and extremely helpful the entire time! Donna came in later and I got to meet with her, I was very happy with how everything turned out and the car that was agreed upon. To wrap up the day, I met with Sydney, who helped me with my paperwork and loan information. For a first time dealing with this, I would have to say how much Jacob, Donna and Sydney helped me yesterday and made the process as smooth as possible! Thanks to all of you I have a vehicle I love! Michelle Athanasiou Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/05/2015
    Just got my Certified Pr-Owned Kia yesterday. My husband and I were taken very good care of by our sales agents Angel and Sydney. We had to bring our two sons with us, and being there for about 3 1/2 hours would have been rough with a 1 year old and 4 year old if it hadn't been for the great staff providing snacks, drinks, coloring books, and cartoons. Our sales agents went through a lot to get us the car we wanted at the price we wanted to pay. My husband and I are both first time car buyers, and they did all they could to provide information to all our questions. I am completely in love with my car and the staff at Kia in Clarksville. Anyone who is looking for great cars, great service, and great value I suggest you see Angel and Sydney. Angel Roberts Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 01/31/2015
    Shawn is the best carepro. Ron was a very knowledgeable salesman. Breanna made it easy to set appointment around my schedule. Alex got me the deal I wanted. Anita was great too. Megan Goins Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 01/04/2015
    The people at KIA really helped me out with getting me the car that I wanted. Both the salesman John and the GM Pat Bates were a joy to work with. The carepro Shawn showed me the ins and outs of the car with no problem! Madison Campbell Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/13/2014
    Bought my 2012 Kia at this store and liked it so much that I came back to get the 2015 model just last week. Great service. Daniel Smith Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/04/2014
    We love the staff at Kia of Clarksville! They have always gone above and beyond for our family and provided quality service. The relationship we built with them is what keeps us going back and recommending them to anyone looking for a good car buying experience. They put up with my husband (who loves to negotiate) and they have always made me feel welcome and interacted with my children on the occasions that we've had them with us. What a great atmosphere. We highly recommend Kia's and we highly recommend Kia of Clarksville. Special thanks to Pat Bates, Alex Caldwell, Jessica (finance dept) and Matt Key!!! Heather Perissi Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 11/18/2014
    I had the best care leasing experience at he Kia Store of Clarksville. Ron helped me choose my new car; he was very knowledgeable and was never pushy. Once I decided on my 2015 Kia Sportage, Sydney took over for the rest of the transaction. She was amazing! She made me feel like she was a long time friend and was extremely helpful in the transitioning process. I highly recommend the Kia Store of Clarksville for all of your leasing and buying needs. I will most definitely be going back to re-lease! Stef Willis Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 11/12/2014
    We leased our first Kia in 2012 from the Kia Store Clarksville--a 2012 Kia Forte EX. We've always had it dealer-serviced and the staff have always been professional and courteous. The positive experiences we've had there, along with our positive experiences with the Forte led us back last week to get our second Kia--a 2015 Kia Soul. Although we originally went to look at a used Optima from the Louisville store, the bad weather and rush-hour traffic prevented the car from being delivered before the Clarksville store closed. Since we were also there to buy out our lease on the Forte, we did look at other cars on the lot while completing the necessary paperwork. I've always liked the Soul, so the Sales Manager, Alex, and our salesperson, John, negotiated with us and were able to reach an agreement we couldn't pass up on the lease of a 2015 Soul. They didn't have the color in the trim that I wanted, but did have it at the Louisville store. They did give me a loner vehicle until the one I wanted came in. I've been driving the Soul for a week now and will most likely be purchasing out the lease on this vehicle as well. If you're looking for a new Kia, either leasing or purchasing, you will be treated well by the staff at Kia Store Clarksville! Andrew Wood Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/21/2014
    Shout out to the best sales lady in the universe Donna A. She treats you like you are part of the family. Oh I cant forget about Alex C. behind the counter throwing out those awesome numbers. Jeremy Sease Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/13/2014
    Jody and Sydney were so very helpful. Their pleasant attitude and personality made buying a car less stressful. At least until I had to write out the check. I purchased a Kia Sephia in 2001 and kept the maintenance on the car and it has lasted this long. Before I left the dealership my Sephia was in the process of being sold. Take care of your car and help the next owner. Thanks again to Jody and Sydney. Kim Deaton Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/08/2014
    Loved our buying experience at the Kia Store in Clarksville, In. They worked with us until we got what we wanted. Our salesperson, Donna was awesome and had me cracking up! Sydney our Carepro was awesome and super fast and got us in the office for paperwork before other people and saved us an hour wait! All in all, Kia of Clarksville were great to work with. We would totally do business with them again in the future, but not for a long while because we got a Kia Soul that we plan on loving for many years to come! Jessica Duffy Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 08/04/2014
    I want to take a moment to shout out to Carepro Sydney for helping our buying experience go a whole lot easy and faster, seeing her is knowing that we were almost at the final stage of driving off in a newer vehicle. And our salesman Jody who made sure we were getting the vehicle that suited our needs and something that we see ourselves driving for another six years. We will be looking forward to doing business with the KIA Store in Clarksville in the near future. Orlando Providence Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/28/2014
    We called ahead and arranged to look at a specific 2014 Optima and the KIA store on Preston Highway and Indian Trail assured us that the car was there. So we drove the hour there and then waited about another 1/2 hour while the sales people tried to locate the car. They finally figured out that the car WAS NOT at their store. They wanted to have someone go get the car, which was at the Clarksville, IN KIA store, but that would have been a huge waste of time plus I was not impressed at all with the sales people at that store so we drove up to the Clarksville KIA store and I am very glad we did because our vehicle purchase experience there was one of the best I have ever had. I consider us to be experienced car shoppers since we have purchased several vehicles over the years so I consider us to be experienced and educated car shoppers. Our sale person, David Quirk, was just a super great guy, very knowledgeable about the vehicles, very helpful and he was not the typical "high pressure-BS talking_ I gotta make a sale" type salesman. I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy a new KIA should go to the Clarksville IN store and insist on working with David. We bought the car that we were looking for from that store that day. It was a very pleasurable car purchase experience. Thank you David and Clarksville KIA store!! Jeffrey Psyck Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/27/2014
    David and Sydney were very helpful throughout the car buying process. Myself and my family would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new car. Joe Psyck Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/11/2014
    Just bought my 2nd car. Traded in my 2011 Forte Koup which i was so happy with the past 3 years. I picked up a 2015 Forte5 Hatch and was so happy with Andy my sales guy and Sydney. Thanks all for a over all good experience. Nick Whitaker Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/25/2014
    I had a great experience at Kia. Everyone at Kia was very helpful and I did not feel pressured that I had to buy any vehicle. I had 2 vehicles in mind when I went and I purchased the 2nd pick : 2005 Chevy Equinox SUV and I love it! A big thank you to Kalan, Sydney, Pat and Jessica. I would definitely recommend Kia of Clarksville to anyone wanting to purchase a new vehicle! Suzanne Morrison Suzanne Morrison Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/12/2014
    I had a wonderful experience at the Clarksville location. All the staff including Jody, Sydney, Bre, and many others were extremly helpful and not pushing at all. I love my new 2015 Optima. They went above and beyond to put me in my new car. I will also say they were excellent on timing. I was in and out within two hours. Michelle Fry Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/11/2014
    Bought a Kia Forte on 6/13/14. Donna was our sales person and she went above and beyond to make our visit an extremely enjoyable one. Sydney went through all the controls and options the Forte had making sure we understood all of them before driving off the lot. These two ladies will be the reason we will return to Kia. Wilma Meredith Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/10/2014
    Was very good and a lot quicker than I thought it would take. Everyone was very nice and made sure I was taken of. The big thing for me was time as I didn't have much and they took care of e quickly and made sure everything was right. Brian Kelton Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/10/2014
    My Service was great!! Jon-Jon is an excellent sales man. Very friendly and professional. He truly cared about my needs and worked very hard to find the Right car for My Family and I. I loved the friendly environment and the way everyone worked together to meet the customers needs. My car care pro Sydney was absolutely wonderful!! She's very Nice and professional and couldn't have made me feel better about buying my car. Everybody I know that's looking to buy a new car I am Definitely telling them to go to the Kia Store Clarksville!!! Just want to say thanks again for a great car buying experience!! Monique Toomer Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/09/2014
    Chris at Kia rocks, no pressure, and willing to work his magic. Came in in a clunker from Neil Huffman and leaving in a 2014 dependable car that I'll be showing off to everyone. Paperwork and explaining my coverages with Shawn was a breeze and the fact he knows where a customer is coming from makes it that much more like a family ran business..Rock out guys and Thanks again. Jamie Core Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/09/2014
    Very nice and knowlegadble staff John Bach Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/08/2014
    Andy Norton was a terrific salesperson. Megan Goins and Sydney Daub explained my car inside and out perfectly. Really good effort on the team from the Clarksville store! Lawrence Mikesell Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 06/08/2014
    Just bought a Kia Sportage. Alex, Megan and Rodney are awesome. They made me the deal that I wanted. Alene Walker Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/14/2014
    My husband Mike and I just purchased an Optima on Saturday the 12th and couldn't be happier! 1st Jody Smith went out of his way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. He patiently explained the differences between the packages and features making sure we got the best deal for our money while still getting the bells and whistles we were craving. Then there was Alex Mancuso, he made sure we would be capable of actually using those cool features we wanted! He answered all of our questions and didn't even once make the face our children do when they're thinking we're technically challenged ;) (He and Jody are warm and friendly people) I also have to mention Jessica Gray the business manager. She was working solo Saturday, processing loans one after the other, and was doing so with both grace and efficiency. She is an absolute sweetheart! Thanks everyone for a wonderful experience. Dana B Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/12/2014
    I have 2 cars from Kia of Clarksville and I have to say this one is the best. Just bought a new van from JP and the lady who took care of the paper work Megan was very helpful. They answered all questions and I will be back to do business again and hope that I get the same people. Brandon Nelson Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/09/2014
    Jody Smith and Alex Mancuso were great. Jody was very helpful in finding us the right car. Made several trips from one side of the lot to the other showing us different models. This was our second Kia purchase. Alex did a great job showing us all the controls and how to work them. Michael Board Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/08/2014
    I just purchased my second vehicle with this store, and the reason was because of the excellent service I received the first time! I immediately looked for Andy, who sold me my first Kia, and he again worked diligently to find not only the car I wanted, but financing I could afford! Megan was outstanding as well--she understood my complete illiteracy where technology is concerned, and was able to explain to me how all the new "gadgets" worked. If you are in the market for a Kia, I highly recommend this store and these wonderful employees who truly are customer focused! Carrie Ingram Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/08/2014
    Jeff Daily and Megan were really helpful and made car buying much easier than I had imagined. They did a great job. 5 stars for both of them. Linda Kininmonth Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/13/2014
    Good service. Eula Burnett Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 02/12/2014
    Bought our new Optima here and we just love it. We live in Owensboro and the drive over was more then worth it! Ron Grider was our salesman and Jerry Davis was the manager who worked out the deal. Both went over and above what we ever expected. Feels good to actually have everything the way they said it would be after we drove the 2 hours to Clarksville. We arrived, Jerry appraised our trade while Ron showed us the car we called about. We worked out the numbers and were in and out of the dealership faster then any other time when we have bought cars in the past elsewhere. We couldn't have ask for a better experience! Gene Williams Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    I bought a used 2007 Kia Optima. Loved this car. The sales staff was great. My salesman listen to what I was looking for and the manager worked extremely hard to get me the price that was in my budget. Buying a car isn't easy and I had been to several of the other dealerships in the area. I really thought I was going to have to cross the river in order to find what I was looking for and be treated the way I would expect to be treated but that wasn't necessary. Pat, the general manager was very helpful and being a woman made me feel at ease with my decision. This place is where I will come first from now on instead of wasting time and energy driving from dealer to dealer. Kym Davis Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    I was referred to the Kia Store of Clarksville by a friend and I am so happy I choose to buy a car from here. My sales person Andy was amazing and did everything he could to get me into the car of my dreams. I LOVE LOVE my red Sorento and it is everything I ever wanted. Suzanne Gum Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/11/2013
    I recently made a trip to the Kia Store in Clarksville and had a great experience. My sales person, Ron, was very polite. I really enjoyed my experience at the Kia Store in Clarksville even though I wasn't able to purchased on Saturday. Daryl Quiney Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/10/2013
    Matt the Kia care pro and Jeff the car pro were fantastic. Very helpful and courteous. Was a very pleasant experience while I was there. Definitely would purchase again. Tom Nance Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 11/12/2013
    My husband and I both bought brand new vehicles 2 years ago from Kia Clarksville and had absolutely the best vehicle buying experience either of us had ever encountered. We both took our vehicles in for scheduled maintenance two days ago and, while they were being serviced, browsed the showroom. I was approached by Andy asking if he could help me with anything. On a whim, I started talking with him about an upgraded Sorento and actually ended up trading my 2012 Sorento for a fully loaded 2014 Sorento. Again, had the best vehicle buying experience one could ask for. Matt then came over to finalize the paperwork and made everything completely effortless. Matt also assisted me in signing up for my UVO account, gave me a tutorial inside my new vehicle of all its features and connected my phone and vehicle to the UVO account. Both Matt, Andy and everyone else involved made this "impulse buy" an excellent experience. My husband and I have been telling everyone, since our purchases in 2011, about the outstanding buying experience at Kia Clarksville and will continue to do so. Emily Fields Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 07/09/2010
    My mom needed a car and I did not trust any car dealership enough to send her there alone. We tried to find a day where we could both get together and make it out to look at some cars, but due to conflicting schedules it was near impossible. After two weeks my mom came over one night in a new car. She got out and was all smiles and I was very hesitant to get as excited as her because I was assuming she got ripped off at some used car dealership.She told me she got the car at The Kia Store Clarksville, and how much she got it for. The price seemed fair, then she pulled out a Kelly Blue Book print out, that they gave her at the dealership. She got a great deal on the car, and I was very impressed with how the Kia Store Clarksville did business. Rick F. Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 05/10/2010
    I had the best service i have ever when I bought a new car at The Kia Store Clarksville .The entire staff were extremely polite and really made me comfortable. My Salesmen Ryan was super smart and without him i definitely wouldn't have bought my hyundai sedona that day. Kia Store Clarksville really turned me into a loyal customer. keep up the great work. I would recommend anyone looking the best used cars Clarksville IN lot to look here. Fletch P. Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 04/02/2010
    I liked everyone else put off buying a car as long as I possible could. There was nothing on my old Honda that some duct tape could not fix. As I got older and "more professional" I knew it was time to upgrade my ride.It seemed that I looked at every used cars Clarksville IN lot, and I could not find anything. In a last ditch effort to find a nice cheap used car, I went by the Kia Store Clarksville IN dealership. I was expecting to get another little honda civic or honda accord, but then I saw the Kia Optima. If you have seen the new Kia Optimas you can imagine my shock at how nice and cheap they were, not to mention a unreal warranty. Frank E. Yelp Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/31/1969
    Very knowledgeable sales staff and a fun car buying experience! Rachel is great and I highly recommend you ask for her!Liked: Service, Value Anonymous Reviewer Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

  • 12/31/1969
    I was rear ended and it totaled out my car. I had no intention of looking to buy a car at this time. I went to the various dealerships in the area and checked craig's list regularly. What set Kia apart from the other places was the salesman I worked with. His name was Nick. I had my dad with me on the first night I went looking. Every other dealership we went to, the salesmen would talk to my dad and not me, even though we were very clear that we were looking for a car for me. Not Nick. Nick instantly started showing ME cars within MY budget. He was honest from the beginning that my intial budget would probably be too low to put me in something that had all of the features I was looking for. As the past 3 weeks have unfolded, Nick and I sent about 100 texts back and forth. Almost every other day he would check in with me to let me know what new vehicles had come in that he thought I might be interested in. He was never pushy; just tenative to my needs. The managers behind the counter made it a point to say hi to me every time I came in. It got to the point, that the other salesmen and managers recognized me as soon as I came on the lot. I was getting very discouraged that I would never find anything that I liked and could afford (I was still looking at other dealerships and on craig's list). Finally, after a 12 hour day of car shopping this past weekend, my dad and I stopped by Kia on the way home to see if Nick had found anything new. It just so happened he had taken a Kia Rondo in on a trade. It wasn't as luxurious as what I was originally looking for but it sure was a lot of car for the right amount of money. I have owned this Rondo since Saturday and I am very happy with it. After buying it, I discovered that the alignment was a little off. Kia has agreed to fix it for me. That says a lot to me because the sale is over. There is no reason they HAVE to fix this. If you want service, this dealership is it. The sales staff are knowledgeable and fun to work with. I actually enjoyed myself while working with them. I feel cars are overpriced and that Kia's use to be cheaper than they are now. They seem to be holding their value too well. Now that I'm an owner I guess that isn't a problem, but as a buyer it was. That is the ONLY reason for 4 stars instead of 5. If you want to enjoy your experience, check out Kia of Clarksville and ask for Nick.• • •Liked: ServiceDisliked: Value Heather Ligman Internet Review Kiastoreclarksville

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